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Anal intercourse and HIV Danger

Anal intercourse and HIV Danger

the possibility of getting HIV differs commonly with respect to the sort of sexual intercourse. Anal intercourse (sexual intercourse), involving inserting your penis in to the anal area, holds the highest danger of transmitting HIV if either partner is HIV-positive. You are able to reduce your danger to get and transmitting HIV by utilizing condoms the way that is right time you’ve got intercourse; selecting reduced danger intimate tasks; using day-to-day medication to stop HIV, called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP); and using medications to deal with HIV for those who have HIV, called antiretroviral treatment (ART).

Threat of HIV

Anal intercourse could be the highest-risk behavior that is sexual HIV transmission. Genital intercourse has less danger, and pursuits like dental intercourse, pressing, and kissing carry little to no danger for getting or transmitting HIV. The great majority of males whom have HIV have it through rectal intercourse. Nonetheless, anal intercourse can be among the real methods women will get HIV.

Receptive Versus Insertive Intercourse

During rectal intercourse, the partner inserting your penis is named the insertive partner (or top), in addition to partner getting your penis is known as the receptive partner (or base).

Receptive anal sex is much riskier so you can get HIV. The bottom partner is 13 times almost certainly going to get badly infected than the very best.