GOP’s war on “hookup culture”: Tennessee Republicans enraged by university Sex Week

GOP’s war on “hookup culture”: Tennessee Republicans enraged by university Sex Week

The following month, University of Tennessee pupils will hold their second yearly Sex Week, with activities on subjects including a relationship workshop, an intercourse trivia night and conversations on subjects including porn, transgender sex and “hookup culture.” But before Sex Week begins, Tennessee legislators intend to vote a few weeks on a quality – passed by a property committee on a Wednesday vocals vote – that “condemns the organizers of Sex Week” and declares it “an outrageous abuse of pupil fees and grant monies.”

The resolution – initially directed at college administrators, but amended to a target organizers instead – may be the work of Rep. Richard Floyd, R-Chattanooga, whom told the Chattanooga instances complimentary Press that their constituents “are sick and tired with the perversion.” As opposed to “drag the UT-Knoxville brand name through the mud,” urged Floyd, organizers should “go on the market in an industry packed with sheep they wish. when they wish to and also most of the intercourse week” Floyd’s bill, that has drawn 28 co-sponsors, follows pressure that is political 12 months that resulted in last-minute termination of taxpayer funds for UT’s inaugural Sex Week.

“Maybe they’re anti-fun,” UT senior and Sex Week co-founder Brianna Rader told Salon Thursday afternoon. a condensed form of our discussion follows.

So how exactly does it feel to be condemned by Tennessee legislators?

Primarily it is simply more disappointing than anything. Because all we’re doing is providing health that is sexual on campus, and yet they truly are using the work to pass through an appropriate document condemning us for doing that …

It talks into the tradition right here.

Just exactly just What tradition is the fact that?

It’s extremely sex-negative … There’s not necessarily space for open conversations …