Make Sure, It’s Not Simply Intercourse

Make Sure, It’s Not Simply Intercourse

I’m at Annenberg, referring to morality, once I hear, “What is that, philosophy? Appears stupid.” While the complete complete stranger sitting across that you live and you die and life is just about living the most before then, I ask him what living the most entails if he’s never thought about these important questions from me begins to tell me. He answers bluntly: “The Count.” It’s their way of measuring just exactly just how many girls he’s installed with since Harvard began—half a semester ago.

I might have thought it absolutely was a tale if he hadn’t started reviewing the night’s that is previous together with his friend—two hangovers have better memory than one. Boston University celebration. Six as a whole, a night that is decent. Too bad he destroyed monitoring of their total count after 57.

While few individuals simply just take casual sex to the extreme, the culture that is hook-up university isn’t any rarity.

72 per cent of us shall connect before we graduate. This really is not surprising. Combine free condoms, distance from your home, minimal duty, abundant liquor, and events every week-end aided by the undeniable fact that intercourse simply feels good along with an equation for casual intercourse.