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The particulars of Topping as being a Trans woman

The particulars of Topping as being a Trans woman

I am maybe not into topping—but lots of other trans ladies are. We asked some (and some right guys who bottom) just just what it is like for them.

Picture by Emerson Ricard.

Welcome to MTF & DTF, a month-to-month intercourse, love, and relationship column where Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard chronicles the amorous goings-on she actually is interested in (specially, her very own).

There’s two reasoned explanations why i actually do not top: One, topping provides plenty of work, and I also choose to not ever work a sweat up. Two, I’m a non-op trans girl, and also the only place that I’m in once I penetrate somebody with my penis is regarded as existential vulnerability.

I’ve passed of all demands to top because We felt like my womanhood is at stake. If We had been to go out of the underside, i might be leaving the intimate expectation to which right cis ladies are held: to be penetrated.